We're excited to have you using our application at BasicHealth. Below are the instructions for navigating the app. For instructions in Espanol, please click here. 


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The Home screen is where you're likely to spend most of your time. When you launch the app, the Home screen is where you'll be directed to. The Home screen is comprised of your Name, Profile Picture, Calendar Links, Daily Messages, Daily Videos, and a Navigation Bar. 


The Calendar is where you'll be able to review previous activities or get a preview of future activities. Simply, click on the date, and all your activities for that date will be displayed below. Click on the activity to watch the video or review the message. 


The Explore tab is your Content Library. To navigate, enter a search term in the search bar and all videos with that Title or Keyword will be displayed below. 


The Profile screen contains all your personal details and your preferred Persona. From this screen, you can review or edit your information as needed. To change your Persona, click on the Persona button and select a new Persona. To change your personal details, hit the Edit button and then navigate to the item you want to change and select it. Enter your new information and submit.