We're excited to have you using our application at BasicHealth. Below are the instructions for going through our Registration process. For instructions in Espanol, please click here. 


  • Registration
  • Email
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone
  • Language
  • Plan ID
  • Customize
  • Persona Selection
  • Password


Our Registration process is designed to help us verify your eligibility for the application and earn a little more about you, so we can help provide you with an optimal experience. Start by entering your name exactly as it appears on your Health Plan ID card. Do not include any additional characters or spaces. 


Occasionally, we may use your email to communicate with you. We will also use your email address to reset your password if you happen to forget it. Please enter your preferred email address.

Date of Birth

As a part of our application, we provide educational content for specific health conditions. Some of this content is contingent upon your age. For example, colon cancer screening is recommended for men over age 50. Please enter your date of birth by spinning the date wheel. 


Occasionally, we will communicate with you via text or push notification, Please enter your preferred smartphone mobile number.


Our application creates and distributes content in English and Spanish. Please select your preferred language to ensure you're receiving the appropriate content. 

Health Plan ID

To verify your eligibility for our application, we ask that you submit your Health Plan ID. Please enter your ID number exactly as it appears on your Health Plan ID card. Do not include any additional characters or spaces. 


We customize the application for you. To make sure we're providing you with the most valuable content, please select your Gender, any Chronic Conditions, Physical Ailments, and Exercise goals. It's OK to select None, but you may not receive as much relevant content. 


We create Personas to help ensure you're receiving messages from someone that resonates well with you. Select your preferred Persona. You can change your Persona at any time in the Profile section.


Please enter a complex password that you're able to remember. Confirm the password by entering the exact same password on the Confirm Password line. 

Time to Explore!

Now that you've completed your registration, you're ready to get started with the application. Click here to learn more about our different modules.